Spring Nails

A classic French manicure is the perfect method to alter your look in the spring, when it’s most appropriate to do so. The Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit, which comes in a 28-piece set, is an affordable and useful choice for people who want salon-quality nails at home. For those who enjoy highlighting their natural beauty, this kit is a must-have because it is easy to apply and lasts a long time.

At-home French manicure

Bid farewell to costly hair salon trips and relish the convenience of a French manicure at home. The 28-piece Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit will help you rapidly accomplish a manicure fit for a salon. For a perfect finish, simply file your nails into the desired shape, apply pink nail adhesive, and press your manicures into your natural nails.

Easy to Use and Quick

The Kiss Everlasting French 28 Piece Nail Kit’s ease of application and speed are two of its key selling points.Given that the nails are already formed and ready to use, you may quickly accomplish the perfect French manicure. The kit also includes a small manicure stick and nail file for added convenience.

With FlexiFit technology, wearing is comfortable.

The FlexiFit technology in Kiss Everlasting French Nails guarantees a long-lasting, comfortable fit. You won’t experience any difficulty wearing the nails all day because they are lightweight and flexible. Furthermore, the molded tip creates a glossy white finish akin to a manicure from a professional.


Spring Nails


Easy to apply

Long-Lasting And Splinter-Proof

Kiss Everlasting’s French manicures are made to last, in contrast to conventional French manicures, which are prone to chipping and rubbing off. You can enjoy gorgeous nails for a longer period of time if you use and care for these nails properly, as they can remain flawless for up to a week.

Smudge- and water-resistant coating

The waterproof and non-smudge Kiss Everlasting French Nails are perfect for both housework and exercise. Knowing that your nails will appear perfect allows you to go about your business with confidence.

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What's within the container?

Along with 28 different-sized nails, a manicure tool, a tiny nail file, and pink nail glue, the 28-piece Kiss Everlasting French Nail Set is available in different sizes. This collection includes everything you need to achieve the perfect French manicure.

How to effectively apply nail polish

Select the appropriate nail size for each finger before applying Kiss Everlasting’s French manicures. Next, file your natural nails to the appropriate length and form. Press the artificial nail against the natural nail after lightly applying pink nail glue to its back. Hold firmly in place for a few seconds to guarantee dependable adherence. After doing this on each nail, use a little nail file to file down any sharp edges.

Why Opt for Kiss Nails?

Kiss is a leading global manufacturer of professional-grade beauty products, with well-known names available in more than 100 nations. Selecting Kiss nails means going with a brand that beauty fans all over the world trust. Kiss offers a diverse selection of colors, styles, lengths, and finishes to suit any preference.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Chip-free


  • Some users may find the nails too long
  • Glue may not hold up for the full week
  • Limited nail sizes may not fit all nail shapes

Purchaser's manual: Spring Nails

To guarantee you obtain the ideal style for the season, there are a few important aspects to consider while getting springtime nails. Here’s a thorough buyer’s guide to help you choose wisely, covering everything from colors to styles:

1. Color Scheme Selection:

Fresh, vivid hues that capture the season’s blossoming splendor are what define spring. For a traditional springtime ensemble, consider pastel colors like lavender, mint green, baby blue, and soft pink. These colors are perfect for creating an airy, light mood that goes well with the fashion trends of the season. If you’re feeling particularly daring, make a statement with bright colors like pink, turquoise, or lemon yellow.

2. Sketching and Design:

Abstract art, geometric forms, and floral motifs are frequently used in springtime nail art. If you want to swiftly and easily add a complex design to your nails, think about using stickers or glue. As an alternative, for a sleek and modest approach, go for a minimalist look with plain stripes or polka dots. Try marble or ombre nail art to give your nails more depth and texture for a more elegant appearance.

Length and Form:

Your nails’ length and form can also have an impact on how you look overall. A classic springtime look can be achieved with medium-length nails that are almond or round in form. These forms provide a mix between style and functionality, highlighting the positive aspects of most nail beds. Choose long hairpin nails for a striking and sophisticated look if you like a more dramatic look.

4. Usage and End of Shelf Life:

Take into account the nail product’s durability and simplicity of application. For quick and hassle-free results, look for solutions like artificial nails or nail wraps that offer simple application procedures. For the longest possible period of time, keep your springtime nails looking gorgeous and new by using products that are crumbly, resilient, and long-lasting.

5. Health of Nails:

Lastly, when selecting spring nail products, take your nails’ condition into account. Steer clear of strong chemicals that can harm your nail bed and opt instead for products that are kind to your cuticles and nails. To protect your nails and encourage healthy growth, think about applying a base coat or nail tonic.


Finally, for anyone looking to recreate a salon-quality French manicure at home, the 28-piece Kiss Everlasting French Nail Set is an excellent choice. With its user-friendly design, enduring comfort, and cozy fit, this set has everything you need to accentuate your inherent beauty. With the Kiss Everlasting French 28 Piece Nail Kit, bid adieu to costly trips to the beauty parlor and hello to gorgeous nails.


In general, how long do spring nails last?

The kind of product and maintenance used will determine how long feather nails last. Gel nails can last up to three weeks with the right maintenance, while artificial nails and nail wraps often last up to a week.

Are feather nails reusable?

Push nails and nail wraps are two examples of feather nails that can be reused if removed with care and stored correctly. Gel nails, however, are typically disposable.

Are feather nails suitable for novices?

Indeed, feather nails can be appropriate for novices, particularly fake nails and nail rests that are simple to apply and don’t require any specialized knowledge or equipment.

How are the spring nails removed?

Feather nails can be removed by carefully removing artificial nails or nail clips. It is best to get gel nails thoroughly removed in a salon to prevent damage to your real nails.

Can feather nails be altered in terms of length and shape?

Yes, you can easily trim and file many spring nail products—especially artificial nails—to change the form and length to suit your preferences.

Are natural nails safe to wear with feather nails?

Feather nails should not harm your natural nails if they are applied and removed properly. It’s critical to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations and stay away from harsh chemicals.

How should spring nails be maintained to extend their lifespan?

Wear gloves when performing domestic tasks, keep your spring nails away from strong chemicals, and coat them often with a top coat to preserve the design.

Is it possible to apply standard nail polish over spring nails?

Yes, if you wish to change the color or design of your springtime nails, you may paint them over with conventional nail polish. To avoid damage, just make sure you use a gentle nail polish remover.

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